Beauty brands have a responsibility to both their customers and their staff to follow a strict hygiene protocol

Clean hands, sanitized products and germ-free applicators are essential good practice in the beauty industry.
From in-store makeup testers to training days and beyond, cleanliness should be a priority for brands, educators and beauty assistants alike.  It’s not just about safeguarding a brand’s reputation, but the health of customers.

Herpes simplex virus is easily transferred from contaminated makeup testers, unclean makeup brushes through cross-contamination

What are the risks to customers?
News headlines have shown the damaging effects of poor hygiene in-store for both customer and brand.  From E.coli to the Herpes simplex virus, harmful bacteria can lurk on makeup and beauty testers, applicators and hands to devastating effect.

A two-year study by Jefferson Medical College in Pennsylvania found that 100% of testers at the beauty came back positive for E. coli, Herpes simplex and Staphylococcus aureus (staph infections) from just one busy Saturday.  These bacteria can cause boils and skin abscesses, while dirty makeup brushes and cross-contaminated applicators can cause conjunctivitis, ringwork and impetigo.

It’s not only teenagers who share make and are unaware of the risks

The problem is rife among consumers too.  Nearly 75% of women have never washed their cosmetic applicators, while 60% admit to sharing makeup.  Recommending products that empower customers to properly clean products and tools in-store, not only educates, but builds rapport, trust and establishes authenticity for your brand. In other words, you want to look after your customers health and wellbeing just as much as you want to sell them your product.

Remember Clean Is Beautiful®.

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