Looking out for the health and safety of your clients is an essential part of being a makeup artist, beauty professional, educator or a beauty assistant working for a beauty brand on counter or at events. This means making sure products, brushes, tools, accessories and hands are kept as clean as possible while practising proficient, hygienic and professional makeup application and beauty treatments. 

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Full 240ml Kit with Free Disposables Kit

The Pro Hygiene Collection plus disposables makes for a Clean Is Beautiful® makeup pro

The Pro Hygiene Collection® product range comprises its “hero” Antibacterial Makeup Spray, a sanitizing spray for use on makeup products, that kills 99.99% of bacteria within 60 seconds and inhibits further growth of bacteria between uses (without affecting product performance); antibacterial Makeup Brush Cleaner for natural and synthetic pro brushes; Makeup Brush Sponge Sanitizing was; a refreshing, no-rinse Hand Sanitizing Gel and the super-fast, effective alcohol-free “Melt Away” All In One Makeup Remover.

By their very nature, many makeup and beauty products provide prime breeding grounds for bacteria and fungus.  Combined with the fact that 80% of germs are transferred by hands and it’s no wonder makeup application can be full of hidden dangers. By using The Pro Hygiene Collection® as part of hygienic work practice, you can dramatically reduce the risk you expose yourself and clients to.  Checking off these top tips before any makeup application, be it bridal, catwalk, studio or at a beauty counter, is a simple but effective way to make sure you’re always practising basic safe beauty protocol and avoiding dangerous cross-contamination.

Always use disposable applicators especially for lip gloss

First impressions count. A dirty kit = dirty makeup artist/counter/beauty therapist/treatment room.  Making sure basic equipment is clean and 100% sanitized will go a long way to setting the right tone for your work. 

Hygiene ritual – wipe in/wipe out. Sanitize,, clean and wipe all tools and products.  Do this in front of your client to make sure they KNOW you are hygienic and recognise the importance of their health and safety.  

Hands up! Did you sanitize your hands first? 80% of germs are transferred by hands, so don’t compromise your clean kit and tools by simply not sanitizing your hands.

If in doubt
sample that out! Always decant products into clean palettes, tissues or onto clean hands.  This means you will not be tempted to double dip back in to the original products.

Start with clean and sanitized hands

Pro brushes and applicators. Never blow onto brushes and applicators – gently tap away any excess product instead.  Also, clean brushes between clients and at the end of every day.

pro makeup artist at work

Respect your client’s health and safety at all times

Wave a clean wand or applicator. Cut off your mascara wand/lip and eyeliner applicators upon purchase to remind you not to contaminate through double dipping.  Use a disposable.

Mono dipping moment. 
No double dipping! “Double-dipping” means reloading the same mascara wand or makeup applicator by dipping it into the tube of product more than once and results in cross-contamination of both products and customers. Mono dip instead.

Sharpen, sketch and sharpen. Sanitize makeup pencils by sharpening them between clients and clean your sharpener each time too.

Go latex-free. Use latex-free sponges to avoid subjecting clients to potential allergic reactions.

Looks count. 
If it doesn’t look/smell right, don’t use it.  Respect the shelf life of your products.

Behind a dirty kit, lurk germs

Ensure you’re insured. Don’t underestimate the importance of insurance.  And it’s not just public liability that’s important.  Make sure you’re covered for kit, money and legal too.

Don’t underestimate the value to you as a professional or your business when it comes to supporting your training, experience and creativity with professional behaviour and that includes keeping you and your clients safe and germ-free at all times.  Treat your clients how you would like to be treated yourself. To download our useful pro guide, click here.

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