If like us at HQ, you have been caught with this year’s cold and flu bug, then we know feeling better and avoiding another bout of the “lurgy” will be high on your “to do list”.  We can’t stop the cold virus, but we can minimise passing on our germs and it comes down to basic personal hygiene sense along with being aware of hot spots where picking up someone else’s germs is easy peasyWe talk about clean and sanitized hands all the time in terms of working in the beauty industry and a major way of keeping germs from spreading, so when in the cold and flu season, this is a no braine

Prevention is better than cure they say.  Professional health care services recommend the following five tips to help reduce the transfer of colds and flu.

1. Wash & Sanitize

Your HandsWashing properly your hands is the most important way to stop the spread of germs and therefore the colds.  We know that around 80% of infectious diseases are spread by touch, so when cold germs get on our hands, it takes moments to spread to the mouth and eyes as well as hard surfaces. So scrub up everyone and remember to wash your hands with good old fashioned soap and water between the fingers, around the nails and up the wrists.  It also takes time to wash your hands properly – sing the Happy Birthday song twice.  When you can’t get to the sink, use a non-rinse antibacterial hand sanitizer.  Strangely enough, we can recommend one that is proven to kill 99.9% of germs.

2. Cover Your Nose and Mouth

Keep the cough and sneeze to yourself by making sure you cover your nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.  It’s critical as without, you are spreading the germs much further than you might think.  Clean tissues, hands or even the crook of your elbow in desperation.  And, of course, use your common sense in getting rid of tissues into the bin asap and then washing your hands.

3. Clean Up & Disinfect

Cold germs can survive on surfaces for hours.  Not a nice thought, so remember to catch a cold and clean up.  Use a good disinfectant around the house where hands are touching – door handles, remote controls, toys, keys, work tops, phones.  We know it’s going to be almost impossible to keep the house sterile, but simple regular cleaning can help reduce the likelihood of cross-contamination. Common sense prevails.  Of course, when out and about whether on public transport, using lifts, at the cinema etc, try and minimise what you touch or at least wear woolly gloves and keep a pocket hand sanitizer in your bag or pocket with your tissues.

The Pro Hygiene Collection keep hands sanitized

4. Keep Squeaky Clean Or Go Disposable

We know the value of disposable makeup applicators to avoid cross-contamination, so why not think about using paper towels in the kitchen or by the sink while there are colds in the house.  It helps avoid germs lingering on hand towels.  Towels should be washed on hot cycle daily when colds are around too.  Some simply advice, but at the end of the day, when you have a cold, best to take steps to get better sooner rather than later, so

  • rest and sleep
  • keep warm
  • drink plenty of water/fluids to avoid dehydration
  • gargle salt water to soothe a sore throat.

Stay warm, stay safe and avoid passing on your germs and remember, a cold will get better but it will take time.