The cold sore virus is a nasty infection and easily transferred – so beware of sharing your lipstick or lip balm

We all see every couple of months a news scare story in the media about the dangers of keeping and using makeup and beauty products post expiry date.  Generally, non-professionals ignore the advice – unless, of course, you contract a cold sore or conjunctivitis and suddenly have a rush of blood to the head and discard all your potential makeup products that may have caused the infection!  It’s so easy isn’t it to think “oh really, scare mongering news”, “I’ve never caught anything so far from my makeup”, “it’s just a scam to get us to buy more products”.

Well the truth is that yes, you might never had a cold sore or a nasty eye infection, but it’s a bit like insurance – you wish you had it when you need it!  So, as a consumer and not a professional makeup artist, it’s worth just thinking when your friend asks you to lend her your lipstick on a Friday night out!  Do they know if they have the cold sore virus?  Perhaps not, as it can lie dormant.  And mascara?  Well that’s a real no no!

Our makeup bags can harbour a host of invisible germs

We know how it is as we have our own day-to-day makeup bags here at the office and it is sooooo easy to forget to give them a good once over every couple of weeks.  We are all a bit lazy if the truth be told (even the “queens of clean”).  But recently, one of us did have an eye infection (post holiday) and we know it was due to an old mascara.  But at least it wasn’t through sharing!

You wouldn’t share your toothbrush right? So why share your lipstick, eyeliner or even eyelash curlers?  We do, because we simply don’t think about the dangers of cross-contamination.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Antibacterial Makeup Spray kills 99.99% of bacteria on makeup products

Unless you are a working professional makeup artist, an educator in the industry or a beauty brand consultant, we simply don’t worry as we don’t think.

But it is worth thinking.  So, listen up, don’t share your makeup, makeup tools or makeup brushes with anyone but yourself.  It’s not rocket science, just common sense.

And, remember, you can extend the shelf life of your makeup by looking after it in terms of how you store it and, more importantly, not sharing it and giving it a bit of a TPHQ spring clean once a month with our Antibacterial Makeup Spray and giving your tools and brushes a deep clean with both our Makeup Brush Cleaner and our Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash.  You know it makes sense.