Tapered medium disposable mascara wand (25 per pack) 94mm

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Tapered disposable mascara wand (25 per pack) 94mm – the “Christmas tree” shaped wand creates fabulous, even looking, long lashes.  Easy to apply right into the corners.

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Tapered medium disposable mascara wand (25 per pack) 94mm. Easy to use and to get right corners. For fabulous even looking lashes, this medium tapered disposable mascara wand coats lashes easily, lengthening and curling.  A good every day makeup artist and beauty professional kit item.   Remember not to “double-dip” – put the mascara wand back into the mascara tube which defeats the objective of avoiding cross-contamination and the potential of nasty bacterial infection

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Weight40 g
Dimensions240 × 110 × 20 mm

Product FAQs

Mascara and bacteria – some facts you should know!
Bacteria lives in all our lashes and so using mascara, whether only on yourself or as a professional makeup artist on your clients, means that it is very easy to contaminate not only your mascara tube, but also your customers. The moment the mascara wand touches the lashes, bacteria is transferred and either passed on into the product tube or perhaps directly to the other eye. The bacteria thrive in the dark warm environment of the container and eventually they will break down the preservatives in the mascara product.

Never “double-dip” mascara wands or, in fact, any other cosmetic applicator or tool. Double-dipping defeats the purpose of using a single-use/disposable applicator or brush and it is a term that all professional makeup artists and beauty professionals should be aware of. It means to reload the same mascara wand with mascara by dipping it into the tube a second time (or more than once). A mascara tube will be overrun with bacteria within six months and earlier if used daily by professionals! When you buy a new mascara, cut off the brush and throw it away, then you will never forget to use a disposable mascara wand for your clients. Conjunctivitis (‘pink eye’) is commonly caught from double-dipping and more serious eye infections such as blepharitis and corneal ulcers which affect vision are a side effect of dirty mascara as well as the transference of acanthamoeaba – a waterborne organism which will gradually ‘eat’ your cornea.


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