Deluxe Disposable Makeup Brush Applicator Kit (10 items)

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Save 20% on our Deluxe Essential Makeup Disposable Brush Kit.  Everything you need for Clean Is Beautiful makeup!

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The Pro Hygiene Collection® Deluxe Disposable Makeup Applicator Kit provides for all types of makeup application through high-quality single-use and disposable mascara wands and makeup applicators. Be prepared with the gem of a kit and save 20% as compared to buying the items individually.  The kit comprises 2 packs medium head disposable mascara wand, 1 pack XXL disposable mascara wands,1 pack disposable lip gloss applicator,1 pack disposable lip brush (goat hair),1 pack disposable eyeliner applicator,1 pack precision felt-tip eyeliner applicator, 1 pack deluxe lip/concealer brush,1 pack deluxe angled eye brow/eye liner brush,1 pack precision mini-q-tips.  Each pack of applicators comprises 25 pieces. Bag not included in kit.

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Weight 300 g
Dimensions 260 × 130 × 80 mm


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