We are sitting with rain pouring down at TPHC HQ this afternoon and cannot quite believe that next Monday, it will be midsummer’s day!  What happened?  Time has sped by since Easter, let alone Christmas and it only felt like five minutes ago the clocks went forward to British Summer Time and the evenings became lighter?

We fear we have the midsummer blues and especially with the non-summer weather.  We had to have the heating on for a short while this week.  What nonsense.  In our grand parents’ day, we would have simply put on another “jubby”.  So we are squaring up for a bit of a wash out and putting our best food forward with the good intention of having a mid-summer madness clean out of the office and our makeup bags and makeup kits.

So, to help you join in, take advantage of some summer discounts on our fav disposables.  Check the link here to enjoy our discounts and be ready for festivals, summer events and bridal parties (it is wedding season).  We are planning to have a Pimm’s No 1 or two over the weekend and pretend it’s hot, hot, hot.