White and own label services

Here at TPHC HQ, we also offer white label and own label services for companies and brands who would like to develop their own hygiene products for sale or for in-house use.  We work with UK cosmetic product developers and with UK production and packaging companies, so we can keep an eye on the process from start to finish which enables us to deliver products within the UK or internationally.  We take care of all the necessary physical testing – from specific gravity and viscosity to the standards set. In addition, we use a range of independent formulators and microbiology test laboratories, so we can offer assurance that products not only use the latest ingredients but that they also adhere to regulations and are compliant. Whether you are looking for hygiene products including a version of our best-selling makeup brush cleaner, lotions, creams, hair products and exfoliants, we are able to offer a large range of products as well as services for hot and cold pressing, filling powders, pellets and hot products including jellies and some waxes. Packaging options are numerous and our UK and international suppliers provide a choice of off-the-shelf ranges as well as bespoke design options.  Anything is possible.


Interested in white or own label?

If you would like to talk to us about white label or your own brand of makeup brush cleaner or other own label hygiene and beauty products, please contact us here.