Makeup wedges are great for applying children’s fun makeup

Halloween dressing up, whether for little ones or big people, can be great fun and it’s not just the costumes that make the scary monsters come to life, but the creative makeup and accessories.  Even a simple ghostly face of white face paint and some fake blood and black eyes can be fun!  Halloween makeup does not have to be expensive nor do you have to be a professional SFX makeup artist to create your party look.  And it’s for the guys as well remember!  A few basic makeup bits and pieces and some tools do the trick.  We have some great value makeup tools for applying simple yet effective makeup.  All you need is a bit of time and creativity.

Our spooky essentials makeup tools include our value bag of latex-free makeup sponges – if there’s a group of you going for ghoulish night out, then these are a great buy.  Or how about our block of 8 sponges that will see you through a range of paints and makeup application?

Panda eyes – remove all makeup with our super-effective All In One Makeup Remover

Our lip/eyeliner brush (pack of 25) is the perfect little makeup brush for such occasions as you can draw and paint graphic lines and not have to worry about cleaning the brushes whilst creating fabulous makeup.

Clean Away Your Party Makeup

Whatever your All Hallows’ Day dressing up plans are, don’t forget to take your makeup off before you go to bed.  Our All In One Makeup Remover will remove even the most stubborn waterproof pencils, lipsticks, gels and long-wear makeup so you don’t wake up thinking “who on earth is that scary monster” the morning after when looking in the mirror. (Oh, and it’s dye and fragrance free and suitable for all types of skin including sensitive types.) Click here for our FAQ on our All In One Makeup Remover.

Whatever you get up to this Halloween, have a great time, stay safe and remember to have fun!

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