antibacterial makeup spray

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Antibacterial Makeup Spray

The Pro Hygiene Collection® offers a 360-degree solution for brands and retailers in the war against germs, enabling brands to minimise risk of clients picking up nasty infections from dirty

makeup, hands, tools and accessories.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Antibacterial Makeup Spray is the hero product in the range by nature of its ability to kill 99.9% of bacteria on makeup without affecting product performance or packaging.  It can be used on powders, creams gels, pigments lipsticks and pencils as well as hard tools, such as eyelash curlers and tweezers. Essential for every beauty counter!

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush Cleaner is suitable for synthetic and natural makeup brushes.  It’s quick drying, specially designed formula, removes oils and even deep pigments and kills 99.9% of bacteria. Loved by makeup artists and educators for doing exactly what it says in the tin!

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Hand Sanitizing Gel is designed to quickly kill bacteria.  The no-rinse gel is ideal for buy retail consultants and consumers who need to clean and sanitize their hands in the workplace or on-the-go.  Beauty hygiene starts with clean, sanitized hands.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® Makeup Brush & Sponge Sanitizing Wash is suitable for natural and synthetic makeup brushes as well as all types of makeup sponges and powder puffs by simply working the low-suds formula into a lather and rinsing under slow running warm water until completely clean.  Essential for a deep clean at the end of each working day.  

The Pro Hygiene Collection

The Pro Hygiene Collection® offers a 360 degree hygiene protocol for beauty brands and the beauty industry

The Pro Hygiene Collection® All In One Makeup Remove is suitable for eyes, lips and face.  100% fragrance and dye-free, the bespoke formula will easily remove even the most stubborn long-wear makeup including waterproof mascara.

The Pro Hygiene Collection® offer an extensive range of beauty tools and accessories for beauty brands in order to provide beauty assistants and trainers with great selection of disposable mascara wands, single-use makeup applicators, hygiene essentials such as cotton wool and tissues.  We offer a bespoke custom service manufacturing customer’s specific tools and accessories and own label.  Whether for a new product launch or ongoing best-selling sku’s, we are able to provide matching items with great service.

Remember Clean Is Beautiful®

Get in touch: The Pro Hygiene Collection® is made in the UK, is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free and used by many leading international beauty brands on counter, for training, at events, and in makeup schools and beauty studios.  To discuss your needs, including special trade pricing, please contact us directly by completely the form by clicking here.