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This coming weekend sees the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, marry her fiancé James Mathews in a classic English country wedding – flower girls, glass marque and all!  We hope they have a lovely day and enjoy a happy life together.

Pippa has huge resources, both financial and contacts in terms of her “little black book” to basically choose whatever her heart’s desire for the big day.  But whatever your style

When choosing a makeup artist (and this goes for hair too) – whether celebrity of young emerging talent, there are a few fundamental rules to note:

  1. training with recognizable qualifications
  2. recommendation and reputation
  3. meet, plan and book a trial session
  4. “Clean is Beautiful”
  5. budget
  6. Insurance – have they got it (and we are not just talking about their kit)!!

It’s so easy to use a search engine and type in “wedding makeup artist” …. it’s exciting and we know it’s a big day in so many ways and makeup and hair is just one more thing to organise. But getting the right makeup and beauty professional for your special day can be “interesting” if you are not sure what to look out for.  There are lots of different ways to find your pro artist, but word of mouth and recommendation is usually the first and often best starting point.

Knowing your date and location are also key as many good pro bridal artists will have been booked months and months in advance, so once the wedding date, time and location is settled, get searching for your wedding beauty fairy godmother.

When talking to friends and doing your research, make sure you talk to those artists who can demonstrate they are trained professionally by asking to see certificates.  You can also check with the schools and colleges too from where they graduated.

Portfolios that demonstrates their work are great, but endorsements from past clients are better. And remember it is so easy to make a fake portfolio and references, so do some checks. Never assume.

At time of booking a trial, ask the MUA (makeup artist) to send you a copy of the professional and public liability certificates.  If they can’t then it usually means they do not have the right insurances in place.  STOP there and then.  Any artist practicing without adequate cover is a no-no.

Some MUA’s have kit insurance only and not public liability insurance – so be warned.   What happens if someone trips over the airbrush on the big day and crashes in the the priceless Ming vase or worse, your maid of honour ends up in hospital with a broken ankle falling over the hair tongs cable!  Anything can happen and it probably will!

High definition photography and filming is the norm these days, so ensure when you talk to your MUA about makeup techniques that will help ensure your makeup lasts and looks great in the millions of pixels.

MUA’s who do hair for weddings usually charge a lot more than makeup artists who just do makeup.  So, you need to determine what you need.  How big is your bridal party? Who out of the bridal party is having their makeup done by the pro?  Just you, the bride? What about the mother of the bride!  Work out a budget for yourself first as you are the star of the show, and if you are able and willing to make the party’s day extra special by providing makeup and hair for all, then plan accordingly.  One MUA cannot do everyone in a large bridal group with hair!

Trial makeup sessions should be fun, but first things first. Clean is most definitely the beautiful bride.  Dirty kit = dirty makeup artist.  If your beauty pro turns up with a manky looking kit, cancel there and then.  Any makeup pro whose kit looks as if it has seen better days spells trouble.  A kit should be sparkling clean, neat and tidy starting from how they look.  Clean hands, clean tools, clean products, clean brushes.  If your makeup pro starts working on your without first sanitizing their hands before they start, then you know for sure they are not taking personal hygiene seriously.

Clean brushes and the use of disposables is another tell-tell sign.  Infection from cross-contamination through “double-dipping” can cause nasty bacterial infections – from conjunctivitis to the cold sore Herpes virus. Of course, your MUA should have The Pro Hygiene Collection® in their kit!

Remember it’s your day and no pro MUA should be allowed to suddenly make you look like you have just come off the catwalk when you walk down the aisle!  You do want your future husband to see you in all your beauty, not as some slightly vampish version of your normal gorgeous self!  And, remember, the photos, professional and by friends and family, will be around forever!

A mood board of your dress, colours, theme, accessories is obviously the place to start, but then let your MUA help you get the right look for your day. Remember it’s all about you, and a good pro MUA should know all the tricks of the trade to make you look amazing and bring out all your wonderful natural beauty and help conceal the bits your are not so happy with.  A trial is just that, a trial.  So use it wisely – after all, you are the customer. We know from experience that if you are a bit “fussy” you need to book enough time to meet, discuss and cover a couple of looks.  Anything under two hours is definitely not enough.  Talk to your pro MUA before booking in detail over the phone.  Use your check list.

There is so much to talk about with wedding makeup, we could go on forever and, of course, you may wish to do your own makeup.

But we are concerned today with the matter of hygiene and insurance.   Don’t assume your chosen pro has the right and adequate insurance. There are many a horror story we could tell you about mobile beauty professionals not having insurance…… so don’t be fooled and never ever assume. As we said earlier, ask to see before booking the insurance certificate.

We know that a wedding, whether big news as with Pippa Middleton, or a small blessing with just a handful of guests, is stressful enough, but do add to your check list to hire professional hair and makeup with the right qualifications and experience and with the right insurance too.

Wishing you luck, good wishes and good fortune – happy wedding day.

Love and kisses from
The Pro Hygiene Collection® xxxxx

The Pro Hygiene Collection